Connellsville, PA Mine Accident, Apr 1895

John Smith, a Polander who was employed by the California Coal Company, was probably fatally hurt by an accident in the mine on Friday. He and a miner in an adjoining room had lighted the fuses of their blasts about the same time. Smith heard the report of the blast going off in the next room, and mistaking it for the report of his own, he went back into his room. As he neared the face of the working, his blast went off, slightly burning him, and hurling pieces of coal against his head and body. He was bruised from head to foot. He is lying at the Hospital, and has never regained conscious, although it is just a week ago since the accident occurred. Smith is 30 years old and is single. The physicians think there is a clot of blood over the brain. Unless this is dissolved he will either die or never regain the use of his reason.

The Courier, Connellsville, PA 19 Apr 1895