Allentown, PA Natural Gas Explosion, Aug 1976


Allentown, Pa. (AP) - Two firemen were killed and 10 persons were injured Sunday when two gas explosions within minutes of each other ripped through a row-house section on the city's north side.
The first explosion occurred about 2 p.m. at a home on Oak Street, completely destroying the row-house.
Minutes later, another explosion ripped through a home on the other side of the street, damaging homes on either side.
The firemen who were killed were hosing down the street in front of the house after the first explosion when the second blast occurred, causing the home to fall on them.

200 Evacuated.
"We had just completed settlement, but now we don't know what we're doing to do," said Leonard Osman, whose home was one of those destroyed.
About 200 persons were evacuated from homes in the area after the first explosion and gas mains were shut off. They were kept away for several hours while firemen looked for the cause of the explosions.
Six firemen were injured, including one who was critically hurt, and four persons living along Oak Street were injured.
The two dead firemen were JOHN McGINLEY, and WILLIAM BERGER. Critically injured was MICKEY KEIPER, 54.

Gettysburg Times Pennsylvania 1976-08-09