Drexel Hill, PA Red Arrow Trolley Wreck, Oct 1951



Twenty passengers on a Media-bound Red Arrow trolley were injured in Drexel Hill at 11:10 a.m. today when the trolley rammed into a Red Arrow repair car just east of the Burmont Road section.
Eleven were taken to Delaware County Hospital and nine to Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital by ambulances dispatched by Upper Darby police.
Reported critically hurt was the flagman of the repair car, WILLIAM HENRY, 28, of Manoa.
ARTHUR KRING, 55, Brookline, motorman of the repair car, was reported unhurt. His crew was doing work on poles along the right-of-way.
Both tracks, east and west bound, were blocked for more than two and a half hours. The fronts of both cars were wrecked.
The repair trolley, headed east but stationary on the westbound Media track, was located about 1000 feet east of Burmont Road on a sweeping curve of the tracks.
Red Arrow for some hours was unable to account for the crash since a flagman was a member of the crew and it was his duty to flag oncoming cars.
His presence there was especially necessary at that point, it was explained, because there were no block signals which could warn oncoming trolleys.
Identity of the crash victims was held up for some hours at the hospitals because first consideration was given to treatment.

Series of Accidents.
During the last several years Red Arrow trolleys were involved in a series of accidents.
A Sharon Hill-bound trolley hit an automobile in Collingdale on Aug. 25, 1950, injuring two persons.
Seven trolley passengers, including Mrs. Rae V. Hiester, treasurer of Delaware County, were shaken up and injured on Oct. 25, 1949, in a collision of a trolley and oil tank truck in Springfield.
Three persons were injured in a collision between a trolley and a truck at Cheswold and Burmont Roads, Drexel Hill, near the site of today's accident, Oct. 25, 1949.

20 Hurt In 1950.
Twenty persons were shaken up in a trolley and auto crash at Bywood on July 20, 1950.
A truck and trolley collided at Garrett Road and Spruce Street, Upper Darby, on June 21, 1950, injuring two men.
In a crash at Llanerch, Jan. 11, 1950, Leslie W. Crossan, Manoa, was killed when a trolley and an auto collided.
Eleven school children riding a school bus and the bus operator were injured Jan. 10, 1950, in a collision with a trolley on West Chester Pike and Pomona Avenue.


The following victims of the trolley accident were treated at Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital:
MRS. FLORENCE McKee, 75, 377 Upland Way, Drexel Hill, admitted with possible fracture of left leg.
ELIZABETH PETRUS, 17, 179 Reese Road, Springfield, shock.
MRS. CORNELIUS THOMAS, 46, 22 W. 4th St., Media, injury to right leg.
THERESA JACKSON, 27, 5236 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, possible fracture of right shoulder, and sister, PATRICIA, 21, same address, shock.
CELESTE BRUTON, 55, 918 Forrester Avenue, Darby, injury to right shoulder.
ROBERT TORR, 50, of 425 W. 11th St., Reading, Pa., bruised legs and ankles.
SHIRLEY GILMORE, 23, of 44 East Madison Avenue, Clifton Heights, bruised chest and legs.
MRS. MARY CONNORS, 24, of Drexel Court Apartments, Drexel Hill, shock.

At Delco Hospital.
Treated at Delaware County Hospital were:
WILLIAM HENRY, 28, of 215 Harding Ave., Manoa, a Red Arrow employee, possible fracture of ribs and spine.
MICHAEL SEIN, 47, of 935 1/2 Anchor St., Philadelphia.
JOSEPH JONES, 37, of 6805 Marshall Road, Upper Darby.
DANIEL B. ALTMAN, of 25 Britton Road, Springfield.
WILLIAM GAMLEY, 30, of 5807 Walton Ave., Philadelphia.
MARION CARTER, 28, of 2335 Jefferson St., Philadelphia.
ALICE MOORE, 36, of 4225 Filbert St., Philadelphia.
JOSEPH WINER, 31, of 327 Front St., Media.
MARY McCARTHY, of 37 W. State St., Media.
ALICE INGLESBY, 27, of 865 Windermere Ave., Drexel Hill.
Most of the injured suffered cuts and bruises, although the INGLESBY woman was carried unconscious from the wreckage.

Delaware County Daily Times Chester Pennsylvania 1951-10-18