Pittsburgh, PA Flood, Mar 1902

Hundreds of Plants Submerged and 50,000 Men Thrown Out of Employment

PITTSBURG, March 1 At midnight the indications are that the flood has done its worst. The Monongahela marks at at Herr's Island registered 35.5 feet, a fall of three-tenths of a foot since 5 P. M.

At Davis Island Dam, the Ohio stood stationary at 30.1 feet. Earlier In the evening it was almost a certainty that 513.3 feet, the mark made by the disastrous flood of 1888, would be exceeded and that much greater damage would be done because of the many more interests affected. Late reports from upriver points are to the effect that both rivers are either falling or stationary.

Fifty thousand men have been thrown temporarily idle by the forced closing down of mills, factories and other industries, and the number Is likely to be considerably increased by Monday. To the timely warnings given by the Government Weather Bureau officials to all interested may be credited the lack of fatalities. In most instances businessmen and residents were prepared, consequently no drownings nor serious accidents have resulted up to the present.

To-night Allegheny is a modern "Venice" and every sort of improvised water craft is in service. Every street in the low-lying districts of the city, from Herr's Island to the Western Penitentiary, has more or less water in it. In some places, it is from two to four feet deep, forcing the householders either to abandon their homes or move to the upper floors. In numerous cases families have taken their cook stoves to the attic and have prepared to camp out until the waters subside.

March 1, 1902 edition of The New York Times


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