Redington, PA Bethlehem Steel Fuse Plant Explosion, Aug 1915

Ten Hurt at South Bethlehem.

South Bethlehem, Aug. 21.---In a powder explosion at the Reddington[sic] Fuse plant of the Bethlehem Steel Company, ten workmen were burned, it being found necessary to take five of them to the local hospital. None is believed to be fatally injured. The explosion followed the dropping of a spark in a quantity of loose powder.

The News, Frederick, MD 21 Aug 1915



Spark From Emery Wheel Fires Loose Powder, Five of Victims in Serious Condition

Special to The Inquirer.

SOUTH BETHLEHEM, Pa., Aug. 20.---A spark from an emery wheel falling into a bucket of powder carried by a workman at the Redington fuse plant of the Bethlehem Steel Company caused an explosion this morning, ten men being injured. It was found necessary to rush five of them to St. Luke's Hospital here, where tonight their condition is regarded as critical. The place where the accident occurred to six miles from town and isolated.

The burned men were made as comfortable as possible until ambulances could be rushed to the spot. The accident occurred while fuses for shrapnel shells were being made. It was the second serious accident to happen since the Redington plant was started up several months ago.

The victims of the explosion in the hospital are: Charles Hill, of Bangor; Joseph Morgan, of South Bethlehem; Evan Owens, of Bangor; Walter Hoffman; of Freemansburg, and W. J. Lee, of South Easton. The other five workmen, H. Schaeffer and LeRoy Smith, of Freemansbury; Frank Schaffer, of North Bethlehem; George Ambers, of Bethlehem, and James Mulhall, of Bethlehem, went to their homes after having their injuries dressed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 21 Aug 1915