Wilkes-Barre, PA Mine Fire, Mar 1890


Seven Men Cut Off from Escape Have They Perished?

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, March 4- Seven men were driving gangways in a long tunnel of the South Wilkes-Barre mine of the Lehigh and Wilkesbarre Coal Company yesterday when the driver boy, JAMES THOMAS, ignited the gas with his naked light. An explosion followed and set fire to the heavy timbers in the tunnel, and JAMES, although badly burned, rushed forward to give the alarm but the fire had made such headway that the men could not get out, and it is thought that all have perished.

A great force of men are engaged in fighting the flames. There is bare hope that the men have locked themselves in a chamber and may be rescued.

There is great excitement at the scene where the wives and children of the entombed men are weeping and moaning. The names of the men are JAMES THOMAS, THOMAS WILLIAMSON, HUGH DUGAN, MICHAEL FERRY, FREDERICK CULL, THOMAS MCDONALD, and JAMES CAMPBELL.



Floods Pouring Into the Volcano of Coal.


It is Said No One is to Blame, and That Expense Has Not Been Spared in the Attempts at Rescue Two Miners Fatally Injured

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., March 6-There is no change in the situation at the South Wikebarre Colliery, where eight men are entombed, and hopes of getting them out alive is gone. That the men are dead is now about certain, but there seems to be good ground for believing that they passed into an air course where they were subsequently overcome with smoke and gas, and where probably they died.

A Long and Tedious Delay.

Under the present condition of things in the mine, with the blazing tunnel widening and strengthening the barriers to thorough investigation, there is no telling when a search mission will succeed in deciding the fate of the victims. The flooding process continues, but there must be long and tedious delay before the fire will be subdued by this means.

Mine inspector WILLIAMS and other officials are revolving their schemes, the adoption of any one of which will probably be soon decided upon. Steam appears to be the speediest method suggested and will, no doubt, be enlisted


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