Plymouth, PA Nottingham Mine Accident, Jan 1890


Five Men Removed From a Burning Mine After an Explosion.

WILKESBARRE, Pa., Jan. 7. -- At the Nottingham mine in Plymouth where the disastrous cave-in occurred last week, a terrible accident was averted yesterday evening. About 7 o'clock a terrible explosion of gas took place. There had been a heavy fall of coal and this forced the gas toward the shaft but on its way it was ignited by the naked lamps of miners and exploded. The brattice work lumber caught fire at once and burned fiercely. Five men were caught between the cave-in and the fire and all manner of exits cut off.

The report spread that the men were dead and in a few minutes hundreds of men, women and children gathered at the mouth of the slope waiting to see the dead bodies hoisted out. The wives and children of the imprisoned men became frenzied, and their grief was terrible to behold. About half an hour after the fire broke out JOHN D. HAMPSHEEFS and JOHN RICHARDS were lowered into the mine. When they reached the fire they rushed through the fire and dragged the five imprisoned men out, one by one uninjured. When they reached the anxious crowd above the rescued men and heroes were received with shouts of welcome.

THOMAS RICHARDS, who was in another part of the mine, was severely burned by the explosion, and it is feared he can not recover.

Part of the workings of the mine are located under the Susquehanna river and the miners state that water is oozing through near where the cave-in occurred last week. They fear the river may break into the mine. Many mines would be drowned out beyond hope of reclaiming them and operations would have to be suspended.

The Lima Daily Times Ohio 1890-01-07