Williamsport, PA Train Accident, Aug 1906

Was Able To Talk

At Mulberry Street he came upon the form of Wood, lying on the riverside of the east- bound tracks. From his appearance the man seemed almost dead and badly mangled, but he was able to talk, having retained consciousness, and told Hampton how the accident happened.

Drs.’ Drick and Reilly were summoned, and upon their arrival injections were administered to allay the terrible pain suffered by the unfortunate traveler.

Went To Sleep on the Tracks

Wood, stated to Hampton, that he had come to Williamsport in the morning and had stayed in the city all day. Last night he went to sleep on the tracks and when he awoke he was in an agony of pain.

Engine Struck the Sleeper

Engine No. 1031 [possibly 1081] out of Newberry yards, hurrying to make the siding in order to allow the beef train to pass struck the sleeper and rolled him off the track. The train was not stopped, the crew being unaware that an accident had occurred.

May Lose an Arm

The arm affected was horribly mangled, the flesh being torn from the bones, which were broken in several places and protruded. It is not yet known how badly the right leg is hurt. Wood, is without parents, unmarried, and about 38 or 40 years of age. The accident may cost him his arm. He is in serious condition.

Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA 18 Aug 1906