Saltsburg, PA Train Accident, May 1909


Returning From Livermore, He Made Fatal Jump Near His Home.


While attempting to alight from extra train No. 2676 going west at Saltsburg on Wednesday evening EDGAR P. ALCORN, aged twenty years, was thrown under the train and sustained injuries that caused his death. He was quite popular and his death has cast a pall over Saltsburg.

Alcorn was a trespasser and he was returning from Livermore when he met his death. He was thrown under the wheels and had both his legs cut off at the knees, his skull was fractured and his jawbone broken. The accident occurred at 8:40 o’clock and Alcorn was at once removed to Dr. Montgomery’s office, where he died an hour later.

The body was turned over to Undertaker J. W. Robinson, who prepared the remains for burial. In the meantime the railroad people made an investigation and found that the company was not to blame for the unfortunate young man’s death. Superintendent Andrew Keiser notified Coroner James S, Hammers of the accident, but he did not deem an inquest necessary and gave permission to bury the body.

Owing to work being slack in the valley towns, Alcorn, who clerked in Apollo had been idle of late. Wednesday afternoon several of Alcorn’s associated joined him and they took a freight ride to Livermore. They were on the return trip and the freight was going at a fast rate when it went through Saltsburg. While passing through the central part of town, Alcorn decided to make the jump, despite the train’s great speed, but his friends remained on the freight until it slowed down a short distance away.

After they alighted and walked back to town they stumbled across the crushed form of their friend. He was taken to Dr. Montgomery’s office and given attention, but died at the hour stated. The point where Alcorn left the train was within sight of his own home.

In the unfortunate death of EDGAR ALCORN, the young people of Saltsburg lose one of their most popular associates. He was a steady worker and was one of the chief supports of his mother, Mrs. Oscar Alcorn, and his sister, Miss Mazie. He is also survived by his father and one brother, Lawrence. Edgar was a member of the Old Boys basketball team of Saltsburg. He was member of the Saltsburg Presbyterian church and his pastor, Rev. George M. Ryall, will conduct the funeral, which will be held at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, PA 13 May 1909