Barree, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1888

A Serious Accident

HUNTINGDON, March 22. - A broken axle caused a serious wreck to an eastbound freight train at Barree, this county, this afternoon. Fifteen cars loaded with coal, coke and flour were demolished and their debris piled upon and into the passenger station, and from which the passengers and employees barely escaped with their lives. Four of the six tramps who were riding on the train were caught in the wreck, one of whom, James Cousins, of Scranton, was instantly killed. John Madden, of Wilkesbarre; Thomas Murray, of Youngstown, Ohio; James McDonald, of Hyde Place, Scranton, all tramps, were so badly injured that they cannot survive over night. A brakeman at Altoona, who was making his third trip, had both legs cut off and will die. Two unknown boys are buried under a lot of coke and suppose to have been either killed or smothered. They have not yet been taken out. The remains of the dead tramp and the injured were taken to Altoona this evening. The loss to the company will be very heavy.

The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, PA 22 Mar 1888