Altoona, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895


Altoona, Pa., Oct. 16. --- Two men were killed, one was fatally and two more slightly injured in a collision on the Martinsburg branch of the Pennsylvania railway today.

The dead are W. F. GOOD of Henrietta, fireman of the Martinsburg train; J. C. WOODING of Tyrone, brakeman of the water train, both legs cut off and head crushed. The wreck occurred between the Martinsburg mixed train while hauling milk and Altoona shop workmen, and a water train one mile west of this city. The water train, consisting of several tank cars, had been ordered to proceed to the “Y” switches near Holidaysburg to get water for the Altoona shops, and was just pulling from a siding to the main track when the Martinsburg train came around the curve at full speed. The collision completely demolished both locomotives and smashed several tank cars.

The following are injured: DAVID ARTHUR of Altoona, engineer of the Martinsburg train, was so badly scalded and injured internally that he cannot recover; HENRY BLACKBURN, engineer of the water train, seriously but not fatally hurt; WILLIAM JONES of Burkett station was thrown through the door and painfully injured; BEN WEYANDT of Roaring Springs, a passenger, badly cut about the arms. A number of others were more or less cut by flying glass. A confusion of orders is responsible for the accident.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1895-10-19