Erie, PA (40 miles south) Steamboat AMERICA Explosion July 1850


About one o'clock on Wednesday morning last, a boiler burst on board the Steamer America, while on her passage from Sandusky to Buffalo, when 40 miles below Erie, killing one of the Assistant Engineers and scalding several persons fatally. The Alabama fell in with the America off Barcelona and towed her into Erie.
We take the following particulars from the Cleveland Herald Extra, July 31st.
"From the engineer of the Alabama, which came in at six o'clock this evening, we learn that the Alabama fell in with the America about two o'clock A.M., an hour after the terrible accident had occurred. As the boats came together he says, the persons on board the America rushed to the other boat like a flock of sheep, some with baggage on their shoulders, and nearly all in a state of confusion and bewilderment. On board the America the scene was awful - several were dead - and with their heads and legs torn off from their bodies, and many dreadfully scalded. Those who were able ran about begging for relief from their sufferings."
"He and others poured oil over several, until the supply was exhausted, and molasses was used in its stead. MR. JOSEPH STANCLIFF of Durham, Ct., who is named as fatally scalded, stated his residence to one of the passengers on the Alabama, and requested him to write to his wife, that his last thought was of her."
"The explosion took place in the starboard boiler, the second from the outside - blowing the forward end of it entirely off, turning the boiler deck upside down, raising the upper deck some four feet and making the center of the boat a perfect wreck."
"No doubt some of the passengers jumped overboard in the confusion, and one was seen in the water. It is wonderful that the boat did not burn after the explosion, in fact she is reported to have been on fire after being towed to Erie."
"H. B. Ely, Esq., of this city, was on board the America, but fortunately was unhurt, save a slight injury to one of his hands. When the Alabama left Erie, eight of the scalded were dead, and probably as many more will not recover."
"In this matter there has been gross carelessness. Such accidents can not occur without it, and justice and the safety of the travelling public demand that the cause of this explosion be ascertained, and those in fault held responsible."
"We are indebted to the politeness of Mr. Nathan Deming of South Bloomfield, Pickaway County, Ohio, for the following:
List of Persons Injured.
W. H. BURNET, N.Y., not badly scalded - hands slightly.
JEREMIAH CONNOR, wife and five children, badly scalded.
McLAUGHLIN, Fireman; died in an hour.
H. BROWN, colored waiter; torn to pieces by the pitman.
WM. LIVAS, head cook; badly scalded.
RICHARD RETALIC, Whiteby, Canada; badly scalded.
LUTHER KINNEY, Washington, Macomb County, Michigan; badly scalded.
JOSEPH STANCLIFF, Durham, Ct.; mortally.
JAMES CHANCELLOR, Fireman; died in an hour.
PATRICK WELCH, Fireman; will die.
An old French woman, shoe dealer in New York; badly.
ARCHBALD LINSEY, steerage passenger, Michigan; badly.
J. F. LALOR, Cincinnati; slightly.
D. G. RUMSEY, Cincinnati; face and hands slightly scalded.
PATRICK HOWLEY, deck passenger; hands and face scalded.
D. E. TERRY, Norwalk, O.; injured by a fall.
BRIDGET WELCH, Buffalo; badly scalded.
WM. TERRY, Norwalk, O.; missing, no doubt drowned.
JACOB DOWNING, Albany; hands slightly scalded.
MICHAEL HAGGERTY, Fireman; must die.
CHARLES POTTER, greaser; missing.
DENNIS WARREN, deck passenger; badly scalded.
JAMES MURPHY, Irish deck hand; badly scalded.
THOMAS PURCELL, Fireman; badly scalded.
Colored cook name not known; slightly scalded."

Fremont Weekly Freeman Sandusky County Ohio 1850-08-10