Hanover, PA Coal Oil Lamp Explosion, Mar 1896

A Horrible Death.

Mrs. JACOB WILLET, aged about 60 years, of Hanover, was fatally burned last Tuesday by an explosion of a coal oil lamp. She was found seated on a chair enveloped in flames and it was tried to get her to the front door to roll her in the snow, but while opening the door she broke loose and returned to the chair she had occupied only a few minutes before. By this time neighbors arrived and they threw rugs, blankets and every available cloth over her body, which was being rapidly consumed by the flames. Water was dashed on her body and by this means the fire was soon extinguished, but she died in about twenty minutes from the time of the accident, from inhaling the flames.

Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, PA 24 Mar 1896