Clinton, PA Mill Company Fire, Aug 1864


The large Planning Mill and Sash Factory of Messrs. White, Hipple & Co., caught fire at one o'clock on Thursday, the 11th inst., and was burned to the ground in a few hours. The fire originated by sparks from the furnace, falling among some shavings. A quantity of lumber belonging to the same parties, was also burned. The loss is estimated at about $35,000 on which there is an insurance of $8,000.
At one time there was great danger of the fire extending to the Railroad buildings, but it was prevented by the exertions of the citizens and the timely coming on of a shower of rain.
The steam fire engine was on hand but it did not render much aid, as the fire was too distant from the River and Canal.
From the Clinton Democrat.

The Elk Advocate Ridgway Pennsylvania 1864-08-27