Washington, PA Train Wreck Nov 1904

TWO DIE IN WRECK (New York Daily Tribune, Monday, November 21, 1904)

Washington, Penn., Nov. 20 (1904) - In a collision between two cattle trains on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at Wyland Station to-night, S.E. Wilson, a drover of New Concord, Ohio, was burned to death and Frank McCoy, a drover, from the same place, was crushed to death. Both trains were east-bound, and the accident happened at the water tank, where the first section had stopped to take on water. The engineer of the second section declares no flag-man warned him and he did not see the first train until within five car lengths. When he saw the collision inevitable he and his fireman jumped to safety.

Of the five drovers occupying the caboose of the first train, three escaped by jumping, but Wilson and McCoy were warned too late. Wilson was burned in the fire that immediately followed the collision, and McCoy was pinioned between the caboose and the car ahead. The trainmen were compelled to cut off his leg to save him from being burned to death, but he died soon after being released.