Philadelphia, PA Street Accidents, Jun 1922

The mother, father, two sisters, and four brothers of Harry Lee, 11 years of 4611 Worth Street, who was killed by a Pennsylvania Railroad express between the Wissinoming and Bridesburg station Saturday night, were sorrowing at their home yesterday over their probably inability to obtain funds for the dead boy’s funeral.

None of the six surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. Lee is able to work, owing to physical incapacities, while the father obtained employment for the first time in three months Saturday night, when he was hired as a teamster by a Germantown contractor. As a result of these circumstances the family of the dead boy is in serious financial straits.

It was learned yesterday that payments on an insurance policy carried on the dead boy had lapsed several months ago.

Bicycle Rider Injured

While riding a bicycle at Twentieth and Diamond Streets yesterday afternoon, Robert Curley, 13 years old, of 1917 Susquehanna avenue, ran into an automobile and was thrown. He was treated at the Women’s Homeopathic Hospital for cuts and bruises.

Patrick Harold, 39 years old, of 1017 Huntington street, was struck by an automobile in front of his home and was taken to the same hospital. His condition is not serious. The driver of the car, Philip Besson, of Ardmore, was arrested.

One man believed to have been run over by a trolley near Torresdale and Linden Avenues yesterday may loose (sic) both legs by amputation, and surgical removal will probably be necessary in the case of another man whose arm was nearly severed when a trolley crushed the member at Cedar Street and Lehigh Avenue. Both will recover.

Mystery surrounds the manner in which Emile Brown, 65 years old, of Torresdale avenue, near Linden avenue, suffered injuries which probably will necessitate the amputation of both legs below the knees. Brown was discovered in a semi-conscious condition near the car tracks by a party of motorists, who removed him to Frankford Hospital.

Unable to Explain

Brown was unable to explain how he was injured. Police of the Tacony station were notified, and after they had found blood on the tracks, questions all motormen on the Torresdale avenue line when they reached the nearby carbarn. All professed ignorance of the accident to Brown. The investigation is being continued. Brown will recover.

Joseph Boyce, 31 years old, of 2634 Emerald Street, was struck by a trolley at Cedar street and Lehigh avenue yesterday. Although he fell in front of the car, Boyce succeeded in throwing his body clear of the trucks, but the wheels passed over his left arm. Physicians at St. Mary’s Hospital said last night that the member probably would have to be amputated.

Pedestrian Knocked Down

Four person were injured when an automobile crashed into a pole after knocking down a pedestrian at Fifth and Morris Streets last night. All were taken to Mr. Sinai Hospital.

The injured are Reuben Hyman, 35 years old, of 615 Wolf Street; his son, Harry, 2 years old; David Nathan, 35 years old, of 519 Dickinson street, and Harry Lauder, 24 years old, of 1653 South Orkney street. All suffered lacerations of the scalp and cuts and bruises.

Accident Unnerved Driver

Hyman was driving the automobile in which his son and Nathan were passengers. When the car approached Morris street, on Fifth, Lauder, who was crossing Fifth street at the corner, walked in the path of the machine and was knocked down. Hyman was unnerved by the accident and lost control of his car, according to witnesses, and the vehicle crashed into a pole, throwing the three occupants to the sidewalk. The windshield was shattered and the front of the machine badly damaged. None of the injured is in a serious condition.

Fell and Broke Four Ribs

While alighting from a trolley at Allegheny avenue and Emerald street last night, Mrs. Elizabeth Burns, 54 years old, of 2343 North Thirteenth street, lost her footing and fell to the street. Four of her ribs were broken. She was taken to Northeastern Hospital.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 19 Jun 1922