Philadelphia, PA Street Accidents, Jun 1922

Street Accidents Claim Many Small Children Victims

Trucks and Automobiles Crush Out Young Lives, Maiming Others

Boy, 15, Killed by Freight Train, Is Dismembered and Strewn Along Track

Two children were killed in street accidents in Philadelphia yesterday, a six-year-old girl died from injuries received when struck by an automobile at noon Saturday. An eleven-year-old boy was killed instantly by a Pennsylvania Railroad train Saturday night, bringing the week-end death toll caused by street accidents to four, with children the victims in each instance.

A four-year-old boy is in critical condition in Frankford Hospital as the result of injuries received when he was pinned beneath an overturned motorcycle on Roosevelt Boulevard at Oxford Circle early yesterday morning, at the same point where three cyclists met death in a collision with an automobile last Saturday night.

List of Victims.

The victims of yesterday’s accidents are:
RICHARD McEWEN, 15 years old, of 1434 Ritner street.
EDNA GOSSER, 4 years old, of 2402 North Third Street.

Young McEwen was killed by a Pennsylvania Railroad freight at Sixteenth and Bigler streets yesterday afternoon. While running along the sloping bank paralleling the tracks, he lost his footing and fell under the wheels of a passing train. Both legs and arms were severed by the wheels, and he was dragged nearly a hundred feet before his dismembered body rolled clear of the rails. He was rushed to the Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by Dr. D. Ashton.

McEwen was a pupil at South Philadelphia High School, where he had just completed his first year. He was a member of St. Luke’s Church Boy Scout Troop.

Died on Way to Hospital

Four-year-old Edna Gosser died on the way to St. Christopher’s Hospital from injuries received when the wheels of a heavily laden auto truck passed over her body in front of her home yesterday afternoon. While playing with a group of small companions she suddenly ran into the path of the approaching truck, and, although apparently only slightly injured when one of the front wheels passed over her legs, she made the mistake of attempting to clamber to safety between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle, with the result that one of the rear wheels crushed her beneath it.

She was rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital, where it was said she had died before admittance. Leo Genski, 18 years old, of 230 Catherine Street, driver of the truck, was placed under arrest.

Dolores A. Boettcher, six years old, of 2847 Germantown Avenue, died yesterday in Episcopal Hospital from a fractured skull and internal injuries received when struck by an automobile at Germantown Avenue and Somerset Street at noon Saturday. She was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Boettcher. The child had left her home less that five minutes before she suffered the fatal injuries.

Driver Is Released

The driver of the machine, Morris Stoutman, of 5035 North Ninth Street, who was held without bail for the Coroner soon after the accident, was yesterday released by the latter in $1500 bail for further hearing.

Circumstances similar to those attending the collision of a motorcycle and automobile on May 10 at Oxford Circle, Roosevelt Boulevard, when three persons received injuries resulting in their deaths, prevailed again at the same spot yesterday morning, when four-year-old Harry Gordon, Jr., of 2518 Sepiva Street, was pinned under the motorcycle in which he had been riding with his father, when the vehicle overturned while the driver was trying to avoid the automobile.

Child’s Skull Fractured

The child received a compound fracture of the skull and severe bruises of the head and body. His condition was pronounced critical at Frankford Hospital last night. His father, and George Rodenbuch, 35 years old, of 2165 East Fifth Street, another occupant of the cycle, which had a side car attachment, escaped injury by jumping before it overturned.