Dushore, PA Grist and Saw Mill Fire, Mar 1898

Dushore’s $10,000 Fire.

The Big Grist and Saw Mill of Burch & Co., Goes Up in Smoke.

Dushore march 8.-(Special to the Times)-The grist mill and saw mill of L.S. Burch & Co. was totally destroy by fire last evening. The alarm was sounded at 8:45 and at 10 o’clock the big building was a mass of ruins. The structure was six stories on the left side and three stories facing the street. It contained a large quantity of grain and flour which was destroyed. Mr. Wells the superintendent was so suffocated with smoke in his office that he had to be dragged out just in time to be saved as the fire shot through immediately after. The loss to this town is a serious one as the mill was headquarters for the sale buying, grinding of grain and sawing. All the job work was done here for people of the entire country. The mill was an old structure, but always kept in good repair and the best running order. It was built by S.T. Headley in 18[illegible]. The house of Mr. Wells was saved, also the foundry but both were badly scorched, and were saved only through the faithful work of our home people with buckets. The houses occupied by L.C. Chatam, Mr. Bennet, John Morrison and I.M. Hoag were set on fire several times by sparks. These buildings are on Headly avenue and across the gully from the mills but by good work they were saved. The cause of the fire is not known but it is supposed to have caught from sparks from the saw mill. The grist mill could be run by steam or water as required. The loss is about $10,000.

Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 12 Mar 1898