Philadelphia, PA Baseball Pitcher in Runaway Accident, May 1904

“Rube” Waddell Was In Runaway

Noted Ball Twirler Had Narrow Escape From Injury While Driving On Ridge Avenue

Driving a salmon-colored horse near a cemetery almost resulted fatally for “Rube” Waddell, the Athletics’ star pitcher, Thursday night. Accompanied by a friend, “Rube” was driving on Ridge Avenue. When near Allegheny avenue the horse spied an unusually large tombstone in North Laurel Hill Cemetery. He got balky and started to run away.

It ran about twenty yards when the buggy collided with a pile of bricks, almost throwing Waddell and his friend from the vehicle. The carriage was slightly damaged, but the base ball star and his friend managed to retain their seats and escape injury. In a short while nearly five hundred spectators crowded around anxious to get a look at the twirler.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 14 May 1904