Boiling Springs, PA Crowbar Accident, May 1905

Felled By A Crowbar

Serious Injury to Valley Traction Employee Through Odd Mishap

Special Dispatch to The Patriot.

Boiling Springs, May 19.-Henry Miller, an employee of the Valley Traction Company, suffered a very serious accident yesterday which might have resulted fatally.

A piece of track which had been raised, had been kept in place by a very heavy crowbar, which was fastened under a fence nearby, the entire weight of the track resting on one end of the bar.

Miller, seeing that the other end of the crowbar had a very slight hold on the fence, began to make it more secure, when the end flew up, striking him fairly on the top of his nose, inflicting a very deep and severe wound and knocking him off his feet.

As the workmen were near Carlisle, Miller was taken there to have his wound dressed and was then brought to his home in this place.

Patriot, Harrisburg, PA 20 May 1905