Rock Hill Station, PA Passenger And Freight Train Collision, Feb 1881


Allentown, Pa., February 10. -- A disastrous railroad accident at Rock Hill Station, on the Northern Pennsylvania Railroad, was caused by the passenger train due at 8:17 a.m., running into a freight train which was about entering a siding to permit the passenger train to pass. Both engines were demolished. The baggage car was telescoped, and a number of freight cars wrecked.
Following is a list of the killed and wounded:
MICHAEL HALLON, a hotel keeper of South Easton.
JAMES FRALEY, a section foreman, of Quakertown.
Fatally Injured:
REV. MR. McFELTRIDGE, of Germantown.
JOHN GATTLEY, a passenger.
RICHARD MORTON, of South Bethlehem, the fireman of the passenger train.
GEORGE YEOMANS, of West Bethlehem, baggage master.
Badly Injured:
CHARLES ZFIFERI, South Bethlehem.
Engineer of the freight engine, GEORGE GREEN, South Bethlehem.
Engineer of the passenger train, CHARLES EVERETT, of Bethlehem.
Conductor WOOD, of Philadelphia.
JAMES MOORE, of Mauch Chunk, express messenger.
Many of the injured are slightly. The flag station was partly demolished, and the telegraph operator seriously if not fatally injured. The disaster was due to the misconstruction of a telegram by the engineer of the freight train, who had been ordered to run into the siding below the station. There was another siding above the station which he thought was the one meant in the dispatch, but before he was able to reach it the collision occurred. There was a dense fog at the time.

Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Indiana 1881-02-11