York, PA Church Scaffolding Collapses, Sep 1836


York, Sept. 27.
Yesterday morning a part of the scaffolding, two stories high, in the interior of the Methodist Episcopal Church now building on the corner of Philadelphia and Beaver Streets, gave way beneath a heavy pressure of workmen and materials, and fell, with eleven men who were on it, upon the joice of the lower story. MR. JOHN PEIFFER, was so badly bruised, as to die in a few minutes after the accident. MR. ENOCH SMITH, very severely injured -- back supposed to be broken. CHRISTIAN BECK, arm fractured, dangerously injured in the side. DANIEL SLEEGER, injured in the head and side, but not dangerously. GEORGE SMITH and JACOB FISSEL, both badly hurt. GEORGE FEISER, brused very much. GEORGE HORN, slightly injured in the face. JOHN SHULTZ, the architect, slightly injured in the face and left leg. HENRY SCHNELL and another workman, name not known, though buried with the others beneath a large mass of lumber that fell with them, almost miraculously escaped unhurt. One of the workmen, MR. CHARLES HILDEBRAND, on hearing the girder beneath the scaffold giving way, had sufficient presence of mind to spring upon the wall, and thus escaped.
York Gaz.

Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1836-10-03