Philadelphia, PA Runaway Accident, Jun 1902


Man and Wife Were Thrown From Carriage

While driving under the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks near the Zoological Gardens, yesterday, Thomas P. Hall and wife, of Gambier, O., were thrown from their carriage and seriously injured.

The couple are staying with relatives at 32 North Thirty-second street, and yesterday went for a drive in the Park. While going under the railroad the horses became frightened by a train passing overhead and ran away. The occupants of the carriage were thrown out and found lying on the roadside by a Park guard. They were taken to the German Hospital, where it was found that the man was suffering from a severe contusion of the leg and knee, and his wife from a sprained ankle, and numerous bruises about the body. The runaway horses were stopped by the Park guards.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 28 Jun 1902