Philadelphia, PA Runaway Accident and Drowning Rescue, Jul 1898



They Were in a Carriage That Was Drawn Into the Wissahickon by Runaway Horse.

Park Guard Byrom Brierley, of Germantown, was the hero of Wissahickon drive yesterday afternoon. He rescued from drowning four persons who were imprisoned on a carriage which had been drawn into the middle of the stream by a runway horse.

The occupants were a woman aged about 70 years and her three nieces, aged respectively 6 and 5 years and 17 months. All four persons were rescued in safety and subsequently carried to Wissahickon Hall, near Gypsy lane, where they were taken care of. The horse was driven by Robert Higgins, father of the children and son of the old lady, who resides on Lancaster avenue, West Philadelphia. While he was trying to fix some harness the horse took fright and dashed away, knocking Higgins down and breaking his leg.

When opposite Gyspy lane the animal plunged into the st5rem, taking the vehicle with it. Park Guard Brierley lost no time in jumping into the creek, which at that point is about six feet door. He first rescued the old lady and placed her on top of the carriage. In a short time he placed the three children with Mrs. Higgins. Fearing for the baby’s safety he took it in his arms and swam to shore.

By this time boats were pulled alongside the carriage, and Mrs. Higgins and the two children were rescued and conveyed to the shore. Some years ago Brierley rescued a boy from drowning in the Schuylkill, near Girard avenue bridge.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 3 Jul 1898