Philadelphia, PA House Collapses, July 1961


Philadelphia, Pa. -- (AP) -- Four row houses, built over an antiquated sewer line collapsed Monday night, burying seven persons.
Four were dug out alive, and practically unhurt. One of them a six-year-old girl, lay under the tons of rubble for nearly three hours.
Many hours after the collapse which rocked the neighborhood, firemen searced the ruins for the other three.
The three missing are WAYNE DANIELS, 9; JESSE ROBINSON, 70, who is blind; and his wife, 55.
Rescued were WAYNE'S father, ERNEST DANIELS, 35, and his other children, KENNETH, 11, and CHERYL, 6, and MRS. ROBINSON'S sister, NANNIE RUSSELL, 62.
At the same time the forepart of an adjoining house fell away, but JESSE STEWARD, 61, who lived there, got out safely, along with two children and two visitors.
At. 4:30 a.m., another neighboring house collapsed, imperiling firemen and rescue crews. But by then the occupants of that house had been evacuated together with about 600 other persons living in the same block.

Muscatine Journal Iowa 1961-07-18