Edensburg, PA Fire and Powder Explosion, Apr 1910


Powder Explodes In Conflagration At Ebensburg, Pa.

Ebensburg, Pa., April 13.—A conflagration, which lighted the heavens for miles around, and threatened for a time to wipe out this place was checked early this morning by the hard work of firemen aided by hundreds of citizens.

The loss caused by the fire will reach $125,000.

One man, injured by falling wells, will probably die. Four others were more or less bruised and cut by falling timbers and flying glass.

Powder stored in a hardware store exploded while the fire was at its fiercest stage, blowing walls outward and almost causing a panic. Seven business buildings and several residences were destroyed.

Ebensburg is high in the mountains and the light from the fire was easily discerned miles away.

The Sun, Baltimore, MD 14 Apr 1910