Bellwood, PA Automobile Collision, Nov 1934


Bellwood, Pa., Nov. 17. -- (UP) -- Five college students and two others were killed in an automobile collision near here last night. One of the machines, a sedan, caught fire and burned four of its five occupants to death.
The dead:
HERMAN GRAVES, 26, Lorain, Ohio.
MORRIS PERKIN, 22, Allentown, Pa.
JAMES SAMIEL, 22, Pittsburgh.
IRWIN MUSSER, State College, Pa.
MRS. IRWIN MUSSER, State College, Pa.
RUTH JACKSON, 20, Lancaster, Pa.
ELEANOR WEBSTER, 20, North Girard, Pa.
GRAVES, PERKIN, and SAMIEL, all seniors in Pittsburgh Law School, were en route to State College for a football game. Their machine collided with that of the MUSSERS who were taking MISS JACKSON and MISS WEBSTER, students in Pennsylvania State College, to a dance in Altoona.
DOROTHY RUDY, the MUSSERS' maid, was the only person to escape alive. She managed to get out of the MUSSER machine an instant before it burst into flames.

Gastonia Daily Gazette North Carolina 1934-11-17