Altoona, PA Stove Explosion, Nov 1950


Altoona, Pa., Nov. 14. -- (AP) -- Kerosene used to prime the fire in a wood stove caused an explosion which killed a 37-year-old mother and four of her children last night.
Three other members of the family, who lived in a one-room concrete structure built as a two-car garage, were critically burned.
State Police Sergeant George Hahn, said apparently the blast came when the mother, MRS. NELLIE EBBERT, poured kerosene on a fire in the stove.
MRS. EBBERT and her three daughters -- EVELYN, 9; JOYCE, 8; and ELAINE, 2
-- were standing near the stove. They died instantly. Twelve-year old NEAL EBBERT died in a hospital a few hours later.
Critically burned were MRS. EBBERT'S husband, WILLIAM, 40, a truck driver; a son, TOMMY, 11, and the children's grandmother, MRS. FLORENCE EBBERT.

Daily Times-News Burlington North Carolina 1950-11-14