Altoona, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1902


Three Men Killed, Four Likely to Die and Two Trains Wrecked.

Altoona, Pa., (Special). -- Three men killed, four probably fatally injured, two seriously injured, one freight train a complete wreck and another train nearly so, are the results of an accident on the Pennsylvania Railroad on the steep grade a few miles above the Horseshoe Curve.

Control of the second section of an east-bound freight train was lost soon after emerging from the Gallitzin tunnel, and two miles west of Allegrippas, it ran into the rear of the first section. Ten cars, the caboose and two engines were wrecked.

Engineer FLUKE and his fireman jumped when they saw the train ahead of them. FLUKE was found unconscious 50 feet away from the track.

Chateaugay Record New York 1902-02-21