Mifflinville, PA Flood and Bridge Disaster, Dec 1907

Mifflinville Bridge Disaster, photo from familyoldphotos.com

Were Carried a Mile
Many of the men were caught in the rapid water and carried a mile or more down the river before they were rescued. One of the most miraculous escapes was that of William Nesbit, who was caught in the iron work and held prisoner for an hour, with his mouth and chin above water, before being rescued.

The bridge is locally known as a "hoodoo." It was built by the State to replace one carried away in a freshet in 1903. The county authorities refused to rebuild it and it was only by the passage of the Rose bill in the legislature of 1904 that the State was authorized to put up the structure. Then work was delayed by litigation with the Pennsylvania Railroad company. Work was started on it this year. Superintendent Lawton. In charge of construction, and who was on the bridge when it fell, says that he has not been able to ascertain the cause of the collapse, aside from the washing of the false work by the high water. The river at Mifflinville is about half a mile wide.

Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA 11 Dec 1907


--Seven men are missing and twelve more injured as the result of the collapsing on the "traveler" on the second span on the Mifflinville side of the Mifflinville bridge last week Tuesday afternoon. Forty men were on the"traveler" when the crash came, and all were thrown into the river or caught in the debris of twisted steel and broken beams.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, PA 18 Dec 1907



Mifflinville Bridge Officials Unable to Account for Wreck

Special to The Inquirer.
BLOOMSBURG, Pa. Dec.12 - After as complete an investigation of the wreck of the Mifflinville bridge conditions preceeding [sic] it as was possible the, the officials of the bridge company state that they can censure none of their workmen, as they consider the accident unexpected and unforeseen and difficult to explain.

Several of the injured men went to their homes today. Of the ten remaining at Mifflinville all are improving.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Dec 1907


BLOOMSBURG, Pa., Dec 17. - The body of A. H. FAHS of Selinsgrove, one of the victims of the Mifflinville bridge disaster on December 10, had been recovered from the Susquehanna river. The body was pinned down by a heavy motor and sections of falsework and from its condition it is thought that FAHS was shocked and drowned. The bodies of six other victims of the accident are still in the river.

Indiana County Gazette, Indiana, PA 18 Dec 1907


Adam Tritt

Probably Body of Adam Tritt

Special to the Inquirer.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa., March 18. -- Word has received Mifflinville that the body of a man, thought to be Adam Tritt, one of the seven victims of the Mifflinville bridge disaster, had been found n the Chesapeake Bay near Turtle Point, Maryland.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 19 Mar 1908