Mt. Carmel, PA Airliner Crash, Jun 1948

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Representatives of the airlines and state police spent most of last night going through the belongings of the passengers and crew. They found, among other things, a wallet containing CARROLL'S name and $1,024. And they also found a new baby's purse with a penny inside.
JACK HERLIHY, vice president in charge of operations for United, set up an emergency office in one of the colleries[sic].

Capt. EARL BACH, another United Air Lines pilot, gave company officials this report:
"I was flying at 9,000 feet near Philipsburg, Pa., and WARNER in Flight 624 was directly over at 17,000 feet. This was at 12:33 P. M. (E.S.T.). At 12:27 I heard New York give Flight 624 the airway into New York. At 12:33 I heard WARNER radio New York saying 'New York, New York! This is an emergency descent!' I then heard New York ask his to repeat the message but there was no repeat."
BACH said he circled and dropped down to look at the ground.
"I saw the wreckage of WARNER'S ship," he added.

The crash put power lines in the area out of commission and forced shutdown of the Continental, Germantown and Mid-Valley collieries. Emergency service was installed to furnish light for the official investigators and volunteers as they searched the wreckage.
Full electric service was restored shortly before midnight last night but 1,200 miners were still idle today because during the shutdown of the power plant considerable water had flowed into the mines.
All the bodies were taken to the Joseph Stutz funeral home in nearby Centralia. United said it would fly special planes for relatives to identify the bodies.

Dead Listed In Air Crash
CHICAGO (AP) - The passengers aboard the United Air Lines plane which crashed in Pennsylvania yesterday, killing all aboard were:
EARL CARROLL, Hollywood producer.
MRS. JACK OAKIE, Hollywood , divorced wife of the motion picture actor.
BERYL WALLACE, star of Carroll's theater restaurant show.
E. GEORGE VON SEBO, New York City, official of Devoe & Reynolds, In., paint firm.
PARKER W. SILZER, 48, Metuchen, N. J., assistant to VON SEBO, and only son of the late former Gov. George S. Silzer of New Jersey.
MRS. ALTA GWINN SAUNDERS, professor of business English at the University of Illinois, Urbana.
HUGH McCLOSKEY, the Texas Company, New York City.
Lt. Com. C. S. AVERY, San Francisco.
NATHAN BERKE, Berke Bakeries, Brooklyn.
ERNEST WINCKOFF, Berke Bakeries, Brooklyn.
ROWLAND BROWN, auditor, Brown Brothers, Harriman and Company, New York City.
ARTHUR B. SMITH, department head, Brown Brothers, Harriman and Company, New York City.
FRANK CAMPI, San Jose, Calif.
H. JACKSON, Crowell - Collier Company, publishers, New York City.
W. A. KENDALL, Scarsdale, N. Y.
D. MARCUS, Chicago.
MRS. D. MARCUS, same address.
The MARCUS Infant.
MRS. L. O. WEISER, Chicago.
The WEISER Infant.
A. S. ANGUS, the Texas Company, New York City.
A. G. DEVITO, Brooklyn.
HANS JOACHIM, San Francisco.
R. HARVEY, Recotron Corp., New York City.
H. L. SLATER, New York City.
MISS KAY THORPE, NBC announcer in Chicago.
E. HINCHLIFF, Burson Knitting Mills, Rockford, Ill.
G. W. ROGERS, Lamond Corliss Company, New York City.
Y. LECORRE, Paris, France.
T. J. GALLAGHER, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
L. DIERINGER, Comstock Electric Co., New York City.
R. B. STEWART, Comstock Electric Co., New York City.
N. V. PESSIN, Los Angeles.
MR. AND MRS. G. HARRIES, Boyertown, Pa.
REMO BUFANO, nationally famous marionette producer, New York City.
ALBERT W. STEMPEL, Stratford, Conn.
PAUL MARCH, 32, Sacramento, Calif.
Members of the airliner's crew:
Capt. GEORGE WARNER, JR., Westmont, Ill., pilot.
RICHARD SCHEMBER, 26, Elgin, Ill., first officer.
NANCY L. BROWN, 23, R. D., Fort Meyers, Fla., stewardess.
LORENA R. BERG, 28, Woodstock, Ill., stewardess.

Syracuse Herald Journal New York 1948-06-18