Mt. Carmel, PA Airliner Crash, Jun 1948

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The carbureter from one of the engines was found on "Big Mountain," about 1,200 feet from the wreck.
"Flames and smoke flew about 90 feet in the air,"
said Harry Stibitz, an eyewitness. "The whole scene was like a living hell."
"Holy smokes, that must have been a furnace," said Sheriff Ray E. Lehr. "I saw 39 men fry to death in the bombing of the cruiser Marblehead in the South Pacific during the war -- but this is worse."
The crash put power lines in the area out of commission and forced shutdown of the Continental, Germantown and Mid-Valley collieries. Emergency service was installed to furnish light for the official investigators and volunteers as they searched the wreckage.
Full electric service was restored shortly before midnight last night but 1,200 miners were still idle today because during the shut down of the power plant considerable water had flowed into the mines.
All of the bodies were taken to the Joseph Stutz Funeral Home in Centralia, Pa. United said it would fly special planes for relatives to identify the bodies.

Chicago, June 18 -- (AP) -- The passengers aboard the United Air Lines plane which crashed in Pennsylvania yesterday were:
EARL CARROLL, Hollywood theatrical producer.
MRS. JACK OAKIE, Hollywood, divorced wife of the motion picture actor.
BERYL WALLACE, star of Carroll's theater restaurant show.
E. GEORGE VON SEBO, New York, head of the warehousing and merchandising control division of Devoe & Reynolds, Inc., paint concern.
PARKER W. SILZER, 48, 79 Graham Avenue, Metuchen, N.J., assistant to VON SEBO, and only son of the late former Gov. George S. Silzer of New Jersey.
MRS. ALLA GWINN SAUNDERS, professor of business English at the University of Illinois, Urbana.
HUGH McCLOSKEY, the Texas Company, New York.
Lt. Comdr. C. S. AVERY, 575 Eddy Street, San Francisco.
NATHAN BERKE, Berke Bakeries, Brooklyn, New York.
ERNEST WINCKOFF, Berke Bakeries, 65 Knickerbocker Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
ROWLAND BROWN, auditor Brown Brothers, Harriman and Company, 59 Wall Street, New York.
ARTHUR B. SMITH, a department head of Brown Brothers, Harriman and Company, New York.
FRANK CAMPI, 583 Bird Avenue, San Jose, Calif.
H. JACKSON, Crowell--Collier Company, Publishers, New York.
W. A. KENDALL, 149 Wilmot Street, Scarsdale, N.Y.
D. MARCUS, 817 West Lakeside Avenue, Chicago.