Allegheny City, PA Suffocated In Well, Oct 1883


Pittsburgh, Oct. 31. -- Kiefer & Stiefel's tannery, in the upper part of Allegheny City, was the scene of a terrible affair Tuesday morning, two men sacrificing their lives in an unsuccessful attempt to save their fellow workman. The firm have been digging a well as a vat, and this morning CHRIST DICKSON, an employe, went down to measure the depth of water, when he was overcome by foul air. FERDINAND SCHRADER and CHARLES SCHULTZ, who were working near by, heard his cries and SCHRADER descended into the well to assist him. But no sooner had he reached the bottom than the fatal choke damp rendered him insensible. SCHULTZ then followed, but he was also overcome.
Ropes were then procured and fastened around the bodies of SALOME BAMBERGER and RHINEHART REMSEN, who were lowered into the death trap. With difficulty they tied the bodies to the ropes, and all were hauled up. DICKSON, SCHRADER and SCHULTZ were dead and BAMBERGER and REMSEN were unconscious, but with the aid of restoratives were soon revived, and they were able to go to their homes. DICKSON was single, and the other two were married.

Waterloo Courier Iowa 1883-11-07