Philadelphia, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Aug 1915


Trolleys Come Together With Great Force at Twelfth and Walnut

Mistaken Signals Between Motormen Held Responsible for Accident

Mistaken signals between motormen of a southbound Twelfth street car and one westbound on Walnut street resulted yesterday afternoon in a crash that listed eleven among the injured. As many more suffered minor cuts but were able to go to their homes.

Both cars were well filled with shoppers returning to their homes, and not only did the collision create considerable excitement among them, but it also resulted in tying up traffic on both lines for more than half an hour.

The list of injured, so far as could be ascertained were as follows:

MRS. CATHERINE SCHOLL, 70 years old, 238 Apsley street; general contusions and shock; Jefferson Hospital.
ANNETTA SCHOLL, 34 years old, her daughter, same address; bruised face and lacerations of the body; Jefferson Hospital.
MRS. W. J. HOUSTON, of 1110 South Forty-second street; probable fracture of a rib and cuts of the hand; taken home.
C. CRISCUOLO, 55 years old, of 1203 Ellsworth street; contusions of the left knee and shock; Jefferson Hospital.
MRS. SALLIE KELSO, 47 years old, of 1107 South Fofty[sic]-seventh street; lacerated right arm; Jefferson Hospital.
MRS. KATHERINE BELL, of 1258 South Twenty-fourth street; shock and lacerations of the face; taken home.
MISS KATHERINE BELL, 23 years old, same address; cut by glass. MRS. JOHN McNAMEE, 30 years old, 1262 South Twenty-fourth street; shock and lacerations; Jefferson Hospital.
JOHN BOLAND, 24 years old, of 2429 South Opal street; contusions; taken home.
A. J. McPHELAN, of 1704 South Twenty-second street; lacerations; taken home.
MRS. ANNA BODINE, of 5826 Trinity place.

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