Austin, PA Forest Fires, May 1891


Many Persons Burned to Death.


In the Forest Fires in Pennsylvania – The Country Ravished.

Elmira, Pa., May 11 --- A special says that yesterday, while a train containing 100 men was on its way to fight the forest fires in Potter county, it was wrecked in the midst of burning woods and the engine and cars were destroyed, and that eighty or more men were burned to death.


A special from Austin, Pa., tells of the wrecked train in the southern part of the county and says seventy-five men are seriously and perhaps fatally burned. Superintendent BADGER of the road, and three or four men are still missing. This entire part of the county has been swept by flames.


A Buffalo special from Austin, Pa., says that destructive fires have raged in that vicinity for the past forty-eight hours and much damage is done. While fighting the fire Sunday, a work train was surrounded by flames and the engine and cars were burnt. Seventy men narrowly escaped with their lives, and twenty or thirty men are seriously burned. Supt. BADGER and four men are missing. They are employes of the Sinnemahening Valley railroad.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1891-05-11