Sharon, PA Molten Steel Accident, Dec 1902



Sharon, Pa., Dec. 4. -- Two men are dead, two are not expected to recover and one other is in a serious condition as the result of one of the worst accidents in the history of the South Sharon works of the Union Steel company. Among the injured is JAMES LLOYD, superintendent of the open hearth department. He was badly burned, but physicians state that he will recover.
Two of the victims are lingering between life and death, and the attending physicians say they cannot survive more than a few hours.
One of the ponderous ladles conveying forty tons of molten steel was started on its way along the traveling crane over the open hearth furnaces. Slowly the great vessel moved until just over the heads of the workmen standing below, who were awaiting disposition of the metal, when it was seen to tilt violently and empty a portion of the contents directly upon the heads of the men at work below.
EVAN ROBERTS received the greater portion of the fiery deluge, and hardly and semblance of a human being was left. Only the trunk was found, and it was two hours before identification was established. Another man, died later from the effects of his burns.
Officials of the steel company would not make any statement as to the cause of the accident, nor would they place the responsibility on any one.

The Daily Times New Brunswick New Jersey 1902-12-04