Baileys Station, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895


Disastrous Accident on the P. R. R. at Baileys.


Two Men Killed and Postal Clerks Badly Hurt – Engineer and Fireman Buried in the Canal Under the Wrecked Engine – Broken Wheel Causes the Accident.

ALTOONA, Pa., Oct. 23. -- A disastrous wreck, involving the death of two men, the injury of several others and the destruction of a large amount of mail matter has occurred near Bailey's Station, on the middle division of the Pennsylvania railroad. It appears that a wheel on a car on an eastbound freight train broke at Trimmers Rock, near Baileys, and three or four cars were wrecked and thrown on the opposite track. The mail section of the southwestern express, composed of six postal cars and a storage, car was passing at the time, and crashed into the wreck. The engine was thrown from the track and hurled into the canal. Engineer DANIEL WOLFKILL and J. W. HAINES, fireman, were instantly killed.
There were six mail cars on the wrecked train, the contents of four, with the exception of a few sacks for Louisville, St. Louis and a few smaller western towns, being destroyed. The contents of the other two cars were not damaged. All of the postal clerks were hurt, but not fatally so far as is known. E. A. CHAMBERLAIN, who resides at Harrisburg, was the most seriously hurt, having sustained a fracture of the left arm.
The postal cars took fire and the flames spread with such rapidity that it was impossible to save any of the mail matter. It was the through mail from New York, and no account can be given of the contents for several days.
As stated, the train was composed entirely of mail cars, and consequently no passengers were carried. The injured postal clerks received prompt attention, and those who are able will be sent to their homes at once.
The body of Engineer WOLFKILL was found under the engine tender. It was bruised but slightly, and it was evident that he had been drowned. Fireman HAINES' body is probably under the engine.

The Salem Daily News Ohio 1895-10-25