Kitnersville, PA boating accident and drowning, Aug 1904



News from Frenchtown, N. J., last night solved the mystery of the dissapearance of Mrs. Mabel Hart, an actress, of 467 North Marshall street, and her nine-year-old cousin, Henry Dunlap, of 440 North Seventh street, who have been missing since Monday from the home of the boy's grandfather at Kitnersville, Bucks county.

They were drowned while rowing in the swollen Delaware. The worst fears of the families were realized by the finding of the body of Mrs. Hart near the Frenchtown bridge. The body of the boy was not recovered and his sorrowing family were patiently waiting for news at midnight last night.

The finding of the boat in which the young woman and the boy had started on their fatal trip, near Brenner's Hotel, below Lynne Falls, seems to leave no doubt that both met the same fate.

Death Broke Vacation Stay.

The boy, accompanied by Mrs. Hart, went to his grandfather's a week ago. The two expected to remain there during August and September. Both were at home on the water and it was taken as an ordinary occurrence when they started out for a row on the river on Monday morning.

Their grandparents' home was within a few hundred yards of the water. The two were seen to pull away merrily and there was no thought of worry when they did not return for lunch, as it was known they had taken sandwiches with them.

As it neared dark Mr. Dunlap became alarmed, notified the neighbors, and the search was taken up. The fears were increased by the discovery that the river was greatly swollen by rains up the State. Word was sent to Dunlap's parents in this city and they went to Kilnersville on the 9 o'clock train yesterday morning.

Found Empty Boat

The finding of the boat near Brenner's Hotel, two miles down the river, was the first clue. Then the body of Mrs. Hart was found by two boys near Frenchtown. It was lodged against the piers of the bridge.

Although the search was renewed with even greater vigor there was no sign of the boy's body. It is now the belief that the boat was caught in the strong current of the swollen river and washed over Lynne Falls and capsized.

Dunlap is the son of H. K. Dunlap, a carpenter and builder. Mrs. Hart, who is an actress, lived with her mother at the Marshall street address. She was 20 years old.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 18 Aug 1904

Mrs. Hart Laid at Rest, and Henry Dunlap's Body Here

The bodies of Mrs. Mabel Hart and nine-year-old Henry Dunlap, who were drowned in the Delaware River, near Milford, on Monday, were recovered yesterday and brought to this city. The young woman's body arrived yesterday afternoon, and it was taken immediately to Northwood Cemetery, where, interment was made. Rev. Dr. Wilham Starr read the obsequies. Mrs. Samuel Doran, of 467 North Marshall street, mother of the drowned woman, attended the burial.

The boy's body arrived late last night, and the funerl will take place to-day or to-morrow from the residence of the boy's father, H. K. Dunlap.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 19 Aug 1904