Fairview, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1885


Brave Work of a Stunned Engineer in Preventing a Terrible Catastrophe

ERIE, Pa., 21.--A frightful wreck occurred on the lake Shore road Saturday night in the vicinity of Fairview. The wreck occurred in an out of the way place and it is difficult to get information. A freight train was thrown from the track and most completely demolished. Engineer Mike Brown and Fireman C. Bentley, both of Collingwood, Ohio, were under the wreck, and wre believed to be dead, but are in reality seriously injured. A tramp, William Sanford, who was stealing a ride on the train, was ground up in the wreck, and his identity was only established by letters in his pockets. Conductor Stiles of Collingwood is only slightly injured. As soon as Engineer Brown recovered consciousness he jumped to his feet, and remembering that the passenger train, No. 12, was almost due, seized a lantern, and hobbling up the track, flagged the passenger train as it came thundering along within a few feet of the wreck. The train was well filled with passengers. They were so grateful to the brave engineer that they made him up a purse of nearly $500 for his bravery and presence of mind. The last mails and limited Chicago express were laid out for several hours.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 21 Sept 1885