Philadelphia, PA Girl Falls Out of Window After Sparrow, Oct 1908

Child Almost Gives Life For Hurt Sparrow

Tumbles Into River in Attempt to Save Injured Bird

Crowds Applaud Policeman Rescuer

In an effort to save a wounded sparrow, which had fallen upon a ledge just below the level of the wharf at Pine Street, nine year old Bertha Hammond, of 1124 South Third Street, nearly sacrificed her life yesterday afternoon.

The little girl tumbled into the river and it was only through the bravery of Policeman Manus that her life was saved, just as she was going down for the third time. Although manus struck his head upon some piling as he dived after the girl, he swam after her and brought her safely back to the shore.

A great crowd witnessed the rescue. They loudly cheered the policeman as, wet and bleeding, he pulled himself back upon the wharf, and tenderly lifted the little girl from his shoulder. She was soon brought to consciousness. The policeman refused to go to a hospital until he was sure that she was beyond danger.

Sees Hurt Bird

Berth had been playing about the wharf when she noticed a sparrow flying low about the pilings. She saw that the little bird was wounded and tried to capture it. Frightened the sparrow fluttered and beat its wings against the wharf. Then suddenly it reached the edge of the plank flooring and seemed to tumble into the water that was swishing below.

The little girl ran to the edge of the wharf and looked over. She found that the bird had not fallen in to the water, but was resting upon a little ledge. She reached down, tried to take hold of it so that she might attend to its wound, the suddenly lost her balance and tumbled in.

Policeman to Rescue

It was only a moment before a great crowd collected. “Girl overboard,” they shouted. Policeman manus pushed his way through the throng, pulling off his coat as he ran. His head was struck upon some piling and he went down. There was a loud “Ah,” from the crowd.

But Manus was up in a minute. A big gash could be seen in his forehead, out he swam with strong strokes to the spot where the little girl had gone down twice. She was just about to go down for a third time when he caught her.

The enthusiastic cries and cheers [illegible] took him only a few minutes to reach the wharf. As soon as it was found that the girl was out of danger, the bluecoat was honized.(sic)

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 26 Oct 1908