Ligonier, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1900


W. B. Duncan Formerly of Blairsville, Lost a Leg.

W. B. Duncan, formerly a resident of Blairsville, was seriously injured in a wreck on the Westmoreland and Somerset railroad last Thursday morning.

Mr. Duncan is an engineer and he had charge of a logging train, which was coming down the mountain, near Ligonier, when the brakes refused to work. The train plunged down the heavy grade at a terrific speed, crashing into a freight train at the foot of the hill. Both trains left the track and 10 cars were demolished. Duncan was thrown under the wheels and his left leg was badly mangled. He was also badly cut about the head and face. Later he was taken to the West Penn Hospital and the injured member was amputated.

The Indiana Gazette, Indiana, PA 4 Jul 1900