Donora, PA Scaffolding Accident, Jan 1916

pa donora scaffolding accident jan 1916


C. H. Ice of Donora Takes Tumble From High Porch, But Sorrowing Fellow Workmen Fail to Find Him Dead When They Reach Him.

C. H. Ice, aged 25 years, a painter of Donora, fell 125 feet from a scaffolding at the new Donora Zinc plaint[sic] this morning and is still living with the chances good for his recovery. The worst injuries reported from the Memorial hospital at Monongahela where he was removed are a fractured left arm, a fractured left leg and a slight concussion of the brain.

Doctors are unable to determine as yet whether there are internal injuries which may prove fatal.

Ice was helping change the scaffolding when he last[sic] his balance and dropped. His fellow workmen hurried to him, expecting to find him mangled and dead. Instead they found him alive, though unconscious. He had fallen on comparatively soft earth.

The Charleroi Mail, Charleroi, PA 26 Jan 1916