Altoona, PA Llyswen Trolley Car Accident, Aug 1904

Italian Jumps from Rapidly Moving Car

He Is Sore but Knows More.

We are speaking of an Italian who was aboard a trolley car speeding out to Lakemont park about 6 o'clock last evening. He was noticed getting on the running board just as The Oaks was reached and the conductor gave a bell for Llyswen. As the car did not immediately slacken speed, the "Ikey" thought that he was in for a jump or be carried too far, so he let go of the hand rail, lit on his feet for the smallest part of a second, then turned in the air sideways several times and finished up his acrobatic stunt by landing on the broad of his back, making a hole in the cinders between the tracks with his head as he did so. In the meantime the car had stopped about seventy-five feet beyond where the Italian lay. The conductor quickly got off and went back to see how badly the man was hurt and get his name. After laying quiet for the space of about an minute, the victim of the accident got up, rubbed his head and began to gather up various bundles and the contents of his pockets, which had been separated from him in his flight through space. When the conductor reached him, though he was staggering yet from the shock of the fall, the Italian refused to be interviewed and started to leave as rapidly as he could. Questioned as to his name, he merely muttered, "Dat's all right," and with his face bleeding from many scratches made by the cinders, and his belongings tightly clutched in his hands, the man started back towards the city and really acted as though he was afraid he would be arrested for getting off the car before it stopped.

Altoona Mirror, Altoona, PA 11 Aug 1904