Brownsville, PA Blair Hill Coal & Coke Mine Accident, Feb 1904


Pilot Carried Cage and Inmates to Bottom of Shaft.

Four Italians met an awful death at the Blair Hill Coal and Coke Company’s works. Four miles east of Brownsville, Pa.

ANTONIA MAZZO, DOMMICO CAPOZZA, CARMINO CAPOZZA and CONSTANTINO BIANYO were part of the day shift in the new air shaft and were going to work at 7 a.m. They stepped into the big bucket to be lowered 640 feet, but neglected to see that the pilot, a heavy piece of wood and iron was property released. The pilot weighted 400 pounds and was built to lower with the bucket to keep it steady. The men had gone about 140 feet when the pilot, which sunk in ice, crushed down upon the men, hurling them to the bottom of the shaft and crushing them there into an unrecognizable mass. The men fell 500 feet.

The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, PA 3 Feb 1904