Bloomsburg, PA Blacksmith Shop Explosion, Sept 1890


Two Men Instantly Killed by an Explosion of Powder.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa., Sept. 12.-A keg of giant-powder which was left standing in a blacksmith shop exploded with horrible results. Two men, JOHN WOLFORTH and JOHN HAAS, who were at work at an anvil, were instantly killed, their bodies being frightfully mangled. Several others were also injured, but their wounds are not considered dangerous. A work horse which was standing tied at the door was blown to atoms, while the shop was completely destroyed and a deep hole plowed in the ground where it had stood. The explosion was caused by a spark from the anvil flying into the keg, which had been carelessly placed outside the shop by one of the quarrymen.

Decatur Morning Review, Decatur, IL 13 Sept 1890