Somerset, PA Private Plane Crash, Mar 1948


Somerset, Pa., Mar 20 -- (AP) -- A single-engine former Navy Vultee plane crashed on a fog-shrouded Pennsylvania mountain top today, killing eight persons, including a year-old baby girl.
The bodies were so badly torn and mangled by the crash which drove an eight-foot hole into the mountain that the victims were not all counted until nine hours afterward.
The dead were identified as:
GEORGE H. ARMITAGE, 58, of Providence, R. I., owner of the plane.
HERMAN BURLINGAME, 30, of Cranston, R. I., pilot, his wife, MRS. RUTH BURLINGAME and their baby daughter, KATHLEEN.
MRS. MARVIN PRESTON, of Redding Ridge, Conn.
DR. and MRS. W. B. MAXON of Flemington, N.J.
FRANK FLETCHER, of Stamford, Conn., handler of show dogs for ARMITAGE.
Also killed were six prize dogs which were being taken to St. Louis for a dog show there.

The Lima News Ohio 1948-03-21