Marshfield, OR Schooner OSPREY Wreck, Nov 1912


Boats Hits Coos Bay Bar Off Marshfield, Ore., and Is Sunk -Aviator Attempts Rescue.

Marshfield, Ore., Nov.4. - The gasoline schooner Osprey was wrecked Friday on the Coos bay bar, and all aboard were lost. The dead number five, and are as follows:

CHESTER JOHNSON, Marshfield, engineer.
JOE PEITSCH, Marshfield, deck hand.
CAPT. H. JACOBSON, formerly of the schooner Berwick of San Francisco, a passenger.
ED HARDY, an Indian of Wedderburn, passenger.

In attempting to cross in, the little schooner struck the jetty and was washed over the submerged end. She then dashed up against the rocks and piling of the wrecked jetty, being on the north side, outside of the channel.

Aviator Silas Christofferson, of Portland made two flights to the wreck in his airship, the only way it was possible to get to the spot where the waves were dashing high over the rocks and piling of the broken jetty. The airship made the trip from Marshfield high above the water, and on reaching the lower bay went out twice over the bar and close down to where the Osprey had gone to pieces, but all to no avail.

Gazette, Stevens Point, WI 6 Nov 1912