Portland, OR Auto Wreck, Jun 1908


Gear of Machine in Saturday's Accident Not Broken.

The automobile containing Mrs. L. W. Sitton, her daughter and two friends, which ran over an embankment Saturday near Oswego, was hauled back to the road yesterday. The automobile, which was being driven by Herbert Cook, became unmanageable and ran down a steep grade, and but for some large trees that the machine lodged against Mrs. Sitton, her daughter, Miss Helen F. Spalding and Mrs. Gale, would probably have been killed.

Chauffeur Cook, after the accident, said that he though the steering gear had broken. This is denied by the proprietors of the Central Stables, who own the machine. They say that the automobile, after it had been hauled back to the road, came to the city by its own power. The owners of the machine are at a loss to account for the accident. Beyond a few bruises and scratches, no one was injured. The machine was badly marred, but not otherwise damaged.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 8 Jun 1908