Tillamook, OR Two Vehicle Crash, Feb 1970


Tillamook, Ore. (UPI) - Seven persons were killed in a two car crash on State Highway 6 about 19 miles east of here Friday afternoon. Only a six-month-old baby survived.
Four of the persons died in the crash and three others succumbed later either en-route to or at a Tillamook Hospital.
State Police said the two vehicles, including a convertible, collided with such force they had to pry the wreckage apart to get out the bodies of the two drivers.
The victims in the sedan were JEANETTE MARIE PURCELL, 42, Portland, Ore., and her passenger, AINA HOBSON, Garibaldi, Ore. The driver of the convertible was GERALD CURTIS BLANK, 24, and his passengers, PAUL MARIE BASS, 19; DAVID GEORGE WHITE, 19, his wife, GAIL, 21, and MRS. WHITE'S three-year-old nephew, TOBY BAUGHMAN, all of Hillsboro.
The lone survivor was TOBY'S sister, age six months, who was reported in serious condition.

The Daily Courier Connellsville Pennsylvania 1970-02-28