Noti, OR Auto And Van Collision, Oct 1986


Noti, Ore. (UPI) - A speeding car went out of control on a highway curve and slammed head-on into a van, killing seven people, and seconds later a vehicle trailing the car plowed into the fiery wreckage, sheriff's deputies said Saturday.
Killed were the driver of the speeding car and his wife and all five occupants of the van, Lane County, sheriff's deputies said Saturday.
The driver of the speeding car, TIMOTHY JAY, 26, Noti, lost control at a curve on two-lane Highway 126 near Walton and struck the westbound van Friday night at 10:48 p.m. The van carried five people from Coos Bay, deputies said.
Seconds later, another eastbound car with four people inside who lived with TIMOTHY and LEAH JAY, 25, crashed into the flaming wreckage. All the occupants escaped the crash with only minor injuries.
"All three cars were almost welded together by the fire," sheriff's dispatcher Nancy Phillipe said.
Investigating officers had not yet been able to determine who was driving the van, she said.
The winding road is not considered particularly dangerous and "it's traveled by hundreds of people every day," Phillipe said. There was no report of fog or rain at the time of the crash, she said.
The victims in the van were identified as PHILLIP BOYD, 17, and four members of the KUTCH family, DONALD, 46; JANINE, 20; DARRIN, 18; and JANICE, the mother of Janine and Darrin.

The Indianapolis Star Indiana 1986-10-26